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The MedPro medication dispenser can keep your loved one’s medication schedule on track. Rather than worry that your loved one will forget their medication or make a mistake in dosage, Automated Security Alert offers the MedPro medication dispenser to provide accurate medication dosing to your loved one.

Our medication dispenser is a simple to use, tamper-resistant device. A caregiver unlocks the medication dispenser with a key and fills the twenty-eight separate compartments with the necessary medication. The medication dispenser can provide one to four doses a day. When it’s time for the patient to take their medication, the medication dispenser will alert them with a 90dB alarm as well as a flashing light. If the patient would happen to miss a dose, the medication dispenser will sense that the medication has not been taken and will alert our Central Station, and we will immediately alert up to three chosen responders with their choice of a phone call, e-mail, or text message so you can take action. In addition to preventing patients from missing a dose of medication, the medication dispenser can protect senior citizens from accidental overdose.

Automated Security Alert provides a lifetime service warranty on your medication dispenser as long as you keep your service active, and we offer twenty-four hour a-day phone assistance with your medication dispenser. Our medication dispenser is offered as a monthly rental, and we do not require a long-term contract. The MedPro medication dispenser can allow our clients as well as their caregivers and loved ones the freedom to know that medication can be taken accurately and on time. Our company has over twenty years of experience enabling the freedom for seniors to stay in their own homes, and our medication dispenser is an effective method to help keep your loved one safe. Our medication dispenser doesn’t merely provide accurate dosing, our medication dispenser provides peace of mind.

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MedPro Monitored Medication Dispenser

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This article was published on 2011/06/24